Total War Casualties:

May 6, 2022: 1756 per day with total cost of $3.7 trillion, $52 billion per day (Russia 978 per day, $0.6+reparation $3.7 trillion, $8+reparation $52 billion per day)

Direct Costs of Ukraine War:

Ru: $19,037,575,000 lost armament, 69,724 casualties. Uk: $1,194,363,000 lost armament, 13,000 casualties and 39,190 dead or wounded citizens

Known Russian Assets in Theatre (Ukraine War):

27% troops dead/wounded/missing and 41% armament lost

Ukraine Invasion Impact:

May 6, 2022: 27 million, 61% of populace

War in Ukraine:

May 6, 2022: 14 million have fled their homes, 194,222 per day

Ukraine Refugee Crisis:

May 6, 2022: 6.1 million, 86,235 per day

Confirmed and estimated killed, wounded and missing over time as a result of the war

Direct costs for confirmed and estimated armament, killed, wounded and missing over time as a result of the war

Based on initial Russian troop and equipment deployment, confirmed and estimated armament depletion, killed, wounded and missing over time as a result of the war

Data used for aggregating costs is from Ukrainian confirmed and estimated acquisition or destruction of Russian assets

Sources: UN



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